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Nature's Choice "Bark With the Best"Bark With the Best

Nature’s Choice provides premium pine bark and mulch for every landscaping need.  We have been providing exceptional service and quality pine bark products to the southeastern United States for nearly 30 years. 

The processing of Nature’s Choice pine bark begins in our own plant, where raw pine bark from area sawmills is screened into varying sizes and compositions.  We then offer our customers a variety of superior pine bark products, including pine bark nuggets and mini nuggets, as well as pine bark mulch, or fines.   Pine bark may be utilized as decorative ground cover, providing an aesthetic and long-lasting alternative to pine straw, on playgrounds to provide a safe cushion for children, and as a soil amendment resulting in richer, healthier soil. 

Nature’s Choice supervises the pine bark production process from start to finish, ensuring that our customers receive only choice pine bark products, delivered door-to-door by our own trucks, featuring live bottom walking floor trailers for effortless unloading and distribution. 

Nature’s Choice offers unparalleled customer service and a commitment to providing quality products to every customer.  At Nature’s Choice, we take the time to listen to the prerequisites of each client, and to devote consideration and care to every operation.  Our attention to detail and extensive knowledge of our product gained through years of experience in the industry combine to ensure customer satisfaction in every project, regardless of size.

Our Mission Statement:
To produce and deliver superior, environment-enriching pine bark products in a cost-effective manner.  To provide exceptional service with individualized attention and care to every customer.  To deliver products and services in a timely fashion, maintaining the tradition and integrity established by our company founder.