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Our Story

Leadership Legacy in Eco-friendly Products

Drew Thomas, the dedicated leader of Nature’s Choice, proudly continues the legacy established by his grandfather, Julian Thomas, in 1978. Committed to quality, service, and environmental excellence, Nature’s Choice has flourished under Drew’s supervision, providing premium soil, pine bark, and mulch products with a focus on personalized customer attention and timely delivery throughout the southeastern United States for nearly 30 years.

Our Commitment to Quality

Nature’s Choice offers unparalleled customer service and a commitment to providing quality products to every customer. Our soil mixes and bark products have proven growing results, and our quality is consistent and unmatched. The experts at Nature’s Choice will help you select which products will best suit your specific growing needs.

Ground Cover and Landscaping

Bark and mulch products provide a desirable, longer-lasting alternative to pine straw. It’s easier to handle and only needs to be distributed once a year.

Soil Enrichment and Amendment

Bark may be utilized to enrich potting mix, as a decorative ground cover for a variety of landscaping projects, or as a soil amendment, resulting in richer, healthier soil.

Playground Safety

Bark is used as a ground cover for playgrounds, providing a safe cushion for active children.

Fire Safety

Bark is less flammable than pine straw, and is actually required by some state and federal regulations in the landscaping of government structures.

So Mulch to See!

All of our products are delivered directly to your door by our own trucks, featuring walking floor and flat bed trailers, for easy unloading and distribution. Prompt delivery is available in the Southeastern United States. Local pickup and delivery are available.